John Gorecki MD: A Patient Advocate in the Surgical Suite

Dr. John Gorecki MD, is an accomplished neurosurgeon with more than 25 years of experience in and out of the surgical suite. His CV is legitimately impressive: After receiving a medical degree from Queens University in Kingston, Ontario, he successfully completed a rigorous surgical internship at Saint Michael’s Hospital in Toronto, followed by a first-rate residency at the University of Toronto, Canada. At the University of Toronto, he received advanced training in stereotactic and functional neurosurgery, earning the respect and admiration of his peers. Following residency, he obtained board certification in both Canada and the United States.

Dr. Gorecki is not content to let his resume speak for itself, however. In clinical settings, he differentiates himself from his peers with his empathetic, caring bedside manner.

“I strongly believe that the surgeon-patient relationship is a collaborative one,” says John Gorecki MD. “I come to every patient interaction with a humble heart and open mind.”

In fact, regardless of whether a case involves surgery, Dr. John Gorecki is committed to providing each of his patients with a high standard of neurosurgical advice and care to facilitate optimal results and a meaningful quality of life.

Over the years, he has developed a strong patient base through his considerable expertise with various spinal disorders and consistent track record of positive patient outcomes. Dr. Gorecki’s advanced skills in the surgical suite and caring manner prompt patients to travel a considerable distance to consult with him; his north Georgia clinic counts patients from across the Atlanta metro region and several surrounding states.

Patients also appreciate John Gorecki MD’s versatile skill set and fundamentally conservative medical philosophy. His core competencies include a wide range of treatment options for all disorders of the brain and spine, stereotactic surgery, deep brain stimulation for the treatment of Parkinson’s disease, movement disorders, and tremor. He has also has substantial experience in the treatment of trigeminal neuralgia, including specialized training and expertise with Gamma Knife and Cyberknife radiosurgery — two increasingly common, minimally invasive techniques that set Dr. Gorecki apart from the vast majority of his neurosurgery colleagues. Also, John Gorecki MD has extensive practice treating benign and malignant brain tumors and acoustic neuromas, as well as the ability to perform transnasal endoscopic pituitary surgery in collaboration with ENT specialists.

Although Dr. Gorecki currently serves patients at a private clinic in Buford, Georgia, and enjoys admitting privileges with a top-rated local health system, he is also proud of his academic pedigree. His patients value his rigor as well, particularly his post-residency work at the University of Mississippi School of Medicine and Duke University Medical Center. What’s more, his leadership experience — particularly his work as chief of neurosurgery with Via Christi Health and director of Gamma Knife surgery at Wesley Medical Center — instills confidence and courage in his patients.

Choosing a surgeon is a weighty task in any situation. Dr. John Gorecki MD is committed to making that choice a bit easier for each of his valued patients.